All prices are in EURO (€) and represent the price for one plant of the selected species, if not specified otherwise in the product description.

The plants pictured on the website are not the actual plant you will receive but are only there as to give you an idea of what the plants you are buying will look like if grown in ideal conditions.


Plants are packed bare roots with paper towel wrapped around them, each placed into a plastic ziplock bag. Some plants with fragile roots such as pygmy Drosera are sent in a small pot to not disturb them. This conditioning allows the plants to survive in their package for multiple weeks, provided that the outside temperature stays in the viable range of the plants you have ordered.

Each bag is accompanied by its corresponding plant passport to comply with the European Union 2016/2031 regulation.


We only send plants inside the European Union and Switzerland. Unfortunately we are currently not able to send any plants to other countries.

After your order has been paid we will usually sender them in under a week, however it might take longer during busy periods. Once this is done, we will inform you by mail that your order has been marked as “Completed” alongside a tracking number if you chose tracked shipping.

You will also be informed by mail if the shipping were to be delayed for reasons such as unsuitable outside temperatures (frost or heat wave), post service strikes, or personal impediment.

Sometimes the website’s automatic shipping costs calculator might estimate a wrong price. If the actual shipping costs are lower than what you have been charged, we will issue you a refund of the price difference. If the actual shipping costs are higher than what you have been charged, we reserve the right to ask you to pay the difference. But we usually will take care of the additional costs ourselves.

Returns & refunds

Despite our best efforts, there’s a possible chance that a plant will not survive the travel. If this were to happen, please send us an email with decent quality pictures of the dead plant dès que vous la recevez. We will review your case and offer you a refund of the price of the dead plant (shipping not included). We can also offer you a replacement plant in your next order if it is still in stock.
If you do not contact us immediately, we unfortunately will not be able to help you.

Once you have potted the plants, it becomes your responsibility to properly care for them. If a plant arrives alive but dies afterwards it means that it wasn’t put in proper conditions, so we cannot justify a refund. Please make sure to inform yourself about how to care for the plants you’re buying. If you really think that the plant died because of our conditioning, please write us an email and we will review your case.

In case of harsh weather forecast, we will ask you if you want to delay the shipping of your order until the temperatures go back to normal. If you still wish for the plants to be sent at the time of unfit conditions we decline any responsibility if some plants were to die.

We give you the choice between untracked and tracked shipping, but be aware that we will not be able to ensure untracked packages if they do not arrive at destination.

We do not accept any returns as plants might suffer damage during a second consecutive travel. However, you are always welcome to cancel your order anytime before it has been handed to the carrier.

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